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ABOUT US curates one of a kind, museum quality memorabilia cast directly from the world’s most iconic sports stars, musicians, entertainers and influential individuals, where the proceeds from the sale of these art pieces can benefit the charities and causes supported by our icons. Additionally, Icon Castings supports the families of childhood cancer by donating unique, one of a kind family castings through our LifeCast Studios division.

Through this combination of art and giving, dedicated fans and collectors around the world can secure individually numbered, signed, digitally authenticated investment items in a once in a lifetime opportunity that benefits many diverse charities and causes.

Ian Herrington


Chief Operating Officer

With a 30 year background as a business owner and entrepreneur in creative arts, events and entertainment, Ian is responsible for the development and sustaining of icon relations, marketing and creative direction.

Amanda Deacon


Production Director

Having been business partner with Ian for over 30 years, Amanda is a master maker, designer and fabricator with extensive experience in live events, and iconic music tours, Amanda is responsible for fulfillment including the casting process, mold making and all artistic production.

Bill Corrigan


Director of Marketing and Community Outreach

A former professional athlete, Bill has made a great transition from boxer to entrepreneur being crowned 'King of Connections' by some of the largest brands and corporate developers. Bill's diversified experience has developed into a business philosophy that is known fro driving brands and their business to be more creative, efficient and productive in every way.

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